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Rigid Front Projection Screen Designed for Ultra Short Throw Projectors 


ECOVISION is our 'cost effective' range of high gain acrylic screens that have been developed for both digital signage and corporate presentations. These large format Front Projection Screens have a matt white projection surface that disperses light evenly across the total display area making them the ideal solution for short throw and ultra short throw projectors.

ECOVISION screens are available in three standard screen sizes 90", 120" and 135" (16:9 format), standard cloth and/or flexible projection screens are not suitable for use with UST projectors as they are unable to align / focus correctly unless the surface is smooth and perfectly flat. These specially formulated rigid, flat front projection screens provide high gain, excellent contrast and good color reproduction in high ambient light conditions. This unique screen technology offers superior performance to conventional screens, making it the ideal choice for all front projection applications. There is no need to turn down the lights; you will still achieve bright and vivid images.