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Mirror TVs are not just a TV but a piece of modern art

What is a Mirror TV?

A Mirror TV is a Smart TV with a dual function, it acts as a mirror when the content is switched off and then also a Smart TV when the TV is turned on. Content magically appears when you turn the TV on. Due to their sleek designs REFLEXIO Mirror TVs are seen by customers as a functioning piece of modern art that can elevate any room by stylishly concealing your TV. VISIONAIR-E manufactures standard Mirror TVs that are designed with a high-brightness panel to deliver a strong image quality and help counteract the reflective nature of the mirrored surface.  

Figure 1: REFLEXIO Mirror TV - Standard Range available from 43” to 75”.

 Where can Mirror TVs be used?

Mirror TVs are the perfect choice for any area where discretion and design are essential. Do not be content with simply hanging a TV onto a wall and ruining the aesthetic of your beautiful home. By adding a Mirror TV to your living room your TV will be completely hidden and, in its place, you are left with a functional mirror. This mirror not only looks more aesthetically pleasing than a TV but it will help to create a sense of depth making your space look larger and more open. Mirror TVs are also an excellent addition to any bedroom; our full-length Mirror TV is a floor standing piece of furniture which brings the benefits that come with full length mirrors.  Not only can Mirror TVs be used in living spaces, but VISIONAIR-E’s range of Waterproof Mirror TVs are ideal for bathrooms, such as Vanity Mirror TVs and built-in Shower Mirror TVs.

Figure 2: His and Her Vanity Mirror TV

Mirror TVs are not just for homes. Yachts are the ideal location to incorporate a Mirror TV due to space being at a premium. Seamlessly integrate this piece of art into your yacht by recessing the Mirror TV to create an elegant finish that will complement any design.  

Figure 3: 65” REFLEXIO Mirror TV added to a Yacht and recessed into a custom mirror wall.

What sizes are available?

REFLEXIO Mirror TVs are available in either standard sizes, 43” to 75” where the mirror is produced to the size of the TV, or we can create custom mirror sizes. The Bathroom Mirror TVs are supplied as either 19” or 27” with standard or custom mirror glass available. Custom mirrors are available up to 94” x 68” and are the ideal centerpiece of any living space. We also offer our Full-Length Mirror TV which includes a 43” Smart TV and this comes as a framed or frameless option.

Figure 4: Full Length Standard Mirror TV – 43” Smart TV

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