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Switchable Smart Film offers privacy on demand.

What is Switchable Smart Film?

Switchable Smart Film is known by multiple names: Smart Film, Switch Film, and Electric Film are just some of the names used to describe this product. Switchable Smart Film is a self-adhesive film that can be retrofitted onto existing glass, from windows to partitions. Once installed, the main benefit Switchable Smart Film offers is privacy at the press of a button. Our VISION Smart Film is manufactured in West Palm Beach, Fl, and we offer this product in widths up to 70” wide, every order we manufacture is custom; VISION Smart Film will be prepared to the exact measurements provided.

VISION Smart Film - when the power is off (left) and on (right)

How does Smart Film work?

The technology that allows Smart Film to function is called PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal); an electrical connection energizes the Liquid Crystal and in turn switches the Switchable Smart Film from its frosted-off state (privacy mode) to its clear-on state.  This then leads to privacy when frosted and once clear allows you to see through. Due to the way, Switchable Smart Film works, when the film is in privacy mode, 65% of light still passes through the Smart Film meaning the natural daylight is not blocked. Glare from the sun is also reduced adding another benefit to Smart Film (see the Vimeo video below). Once the Switchable Smart Film is turned on and clear, there is a 97% transparency level, with the Smart Film resembling a light grey window tint (see the below TikTok video).

What are the benefits of Switchable Smart Film?

Switchable Smart Film has multiple benefits on top of its main privacy function. The PDLC technology means Switchable Smart Film has solar heat gain reduction properties of up to 40% helping to reduce the internal temperatures of your house, condo, apartment, or yacht. Due to this reduction in internal temperatures, the cooling costs are reduced by up to 15%. The savings attributed to the reduced cooling cost means VISION Smart Film has a positive ROI once installed and will pay for itself over the Smart Films' lifetime. Smart Film has an expected lifetime of 80,000 operational hours, with our VISION Smart Film still working in locations after 15 years.  Other benefits include increased security, due to the film adding a protective layer onto the glass making the glass harder to break. UV blocking of up to 99% helps prevent UV bleaching of furniture and a reduction in external sound as the Smart Film adds a layer of insulation that acts as a sound barrier.

Where can I buy Switchable Smart Film?

VISIONAIR-E is the US partner of Intelligent Glass, a UK manufacturer with over 15 years of experience within the smart film industry. VISIONAIR-E are based in West Palm Beach, Florida and supplies Switchable Smart Film to all of the US, South America and Canada. Why not learn more about VISION Smart Film today by emailing

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