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Taking Outdoor LED Screens to the next level.

The technology behind Outdoor LED Screens has been improving year on year. This ongoing improvement has resulted in the development of a user-friendly and easy to maintain solution that is perfect for any client who needs a large format advertising screen. The US market is dominated by large players who have controlled the market for several years, this has led to a lack of progression in certain areas, particularly the resolution of Outdoor LED Screens. Currently access to pixel pitches under 2mm for Outdoor LED Screens is extremely limited within the US. VISIONAIR-E are proud to present the HELIOS Micro LED series, which includes our 1.5mm Pixel Pitch Outdoor LED Screen, developed with our UK Partner company, Pro Display. This opens a previously untapped market where the limitations in resolution of Outdoor LED Screens meant a solution was not possible for certain screen sizes.

What is an LED’s Pixel Pitch?

The word pixel pitch or dot pitch is used a lot when talking about LED Screens, but you may be thinking, what does this mean? Unlike LCD Screens where the pixel count is used to describe the resolution, usually as HD or 4K. For example, 4K is 3840 x 2160, which is the ratio of pixels across the width and height. For LCD Screens this usually works as the majority of LCD Screens use a 16:9 aspect ratio; meaning an industry standard can be used. LED Screens on the other hand use pixel pitch or dot pitch to describe the screen’s resolution and this is calculated as the distance between the center of two LED Pixels on an LED screen. This is given as a measurement, usually in mm. The lower the number the higher the resolution of the LED Screen.

What does a 1.5mm Pixel Pitch offer?

Micro LED was previously only available for Indoor LED Screens; however, the HELIOS Micro LED 1.5 series now makes Micro LED more accessible to the Outdoor LED Screen market. This solution allows for various set screen sizes to be created in HD or 4K resolution allowing for high resolution Outdoor LED Screens in smaller sizes, such as 173”, opening a whole new market. The HELIOS Micro LED series has a 3500nits brightness with an IP Rated housing for Outdoor usage. This Outdoor Micro LED Screen is the ideal choice for both commercial and residential applications.

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