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The wonderful world of Interactive Touch Frames

ALPHA Touch Frame
Touch Frame used to convert a Video Wall into interactive

Interactive Touch Frames are a simple and effective way to transform any screen into a touchscreen. Interactive Touch Frames allow users to interact with the screen simply by touching it. The Interactive Touch Frame is installed around the edge of the display and a grid of invisible light is created as the touch frame uses infrared (IR) touch technology, so when the user touches the screen, the IR grid is broken, therefore a touch is registered. They are an extremely cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations that want to add interactivity to their current displays without having to pay for replacement screens. They work with LCD, LED and Projection Displays, as well as a variety of other screens. A popular application is turning existing video walls into touch video walls through simply adding a touch frame.

There are two main types of touch technology that can be used to create touch screen overlays: projected capacitive (PCAP) and infrared (IR). Our touch frames use IR. PCAP is the technology that is used in mobile phones to offer touch capability.

Interactive Video Wall
Interactive Video Wall

ALPHA Touch Frame:

The ALPHA Touch Frame is available in standard sizes from 31.5” x 98” with custom sizes available up to 33’ x 10’. The standard touch frame comes with 6 touch points, but 12 and 32 touch point options are available. For all custom sizes they are available with 6, 12 or 32 touch points. The custom touch frames are the perfect option for upgrading any LCD video wall and LED Walls into touchscreens. ALPHA Touch Frames are extremely easy to install, making them the perfect choice for any dealer or integrator. The Touch Frame simply installs to the edge of the video wall or display using an adhesive tape, then connected via USB to a laptop or PC and the Touch Frame is working.

Protective glass overlays are also available if you want to add a layer of protection to your displays. Touch points are effectively the number of points that will simultaneously register as a touch across any part of the screen at one time.

Touch Frame applied to a clear glass overlay
Touch Frame applied to a clear glass overlay

Applications for Interactive Touch Frames:





Children's Play Areas

Retail Stores


The possibilities with this technology are endless.


Learn more about the ALPHA Touch Frames here:

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