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Transparent Projection: The Hidden Gem of Digital Signage

Companies are now looking for more unique and innovative ways to engage with potential customers and to market their products or services in a more effective and eye-catching way. Customers are now accustomed to seeing the certain Digital Signage such as LED Screens and LCD Window Displays. To truly catch the attention of your customers, you need to offer something different. This is exactly what Collective Systems accomplished on a recent project. VISIONAIR-E worked alongside Collective Systems, an Audio-Visual company, located in Stamford Connecticut, that provides custom design, installation and AV integration. From this partnership a truly eye-catching project was born. A simple brief was provided to Collective Systems by their customer:

Large format digital signage that would engage his clientele, we are wanting to address the neighborhood as they walk by at night.”

Transparent Rear Projection Film
Transparent Rear Projection Display being projected on.

Collective Systems used their vast experience, gained from over 34 years within the Audio-Visual space, to propose a masterpiece of Audio-Visual engineering and design. Rather than going down the standard route of LED Technology or LCD based signage, they utilized VISIONAIR-E’s Quartzvision Transparent Rear Projection Film. Collective Systems worked alongside Draperies Inc, who were contracted to install over 300 SF of Transparent Rear Projection Film across the storefront windows. Draperies Inc did an excellent job with the installation. This professional approach was to be expected as they have been installing window treatments for over 47 years across the Tri- State area and have a reputation for excellence. 

Transparent Rear Projection Film installed onto glass windows
Transparent Rear Projection Film without projection.

Once the Quartzvision Transparent Rear Projection Film had been installed by Draperies Inc, it was then over to Collective Systems to provide the magical final touch. The rear projection film for this project was selected for two reasons, the eye-catching holographic effect and the transparent nature of the film. This transparency allows customers to always see into the store whilst also being used as a rear projection screen. Out of nowhere, the whole storefront transforms into an advertising screen engaging those passing by and catching people’s attention. To accomplish this Collective Systems used 4 x 13,000 Lumen Epson Laser Projectors positioned at different locations across the storefront, resulting in a mesmerizing display and fulfilling the brief given by the client.

Through utilizing Rear Projection this project could be accomplished at a fraction of the price that it would cost if more traditional alternative signage such as LED was used. This makes large displays, like what Collective Systems created, more accessible to a wider range of clients. Not only is it more cost effective but the resolution is higher than LED, allowing for a much better viewing experience for customers. Why limit yourselves to conventional and repetitive products. Provide your clients with the very best solution, not just the industry standard.  Collective Systems has shown that through deviating from the norm, a truly memorable experience can be created for your customer.

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