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​The ultimate Laser Front Projection Screen Technology for your home and business.

Home Theater will never be the same again once you have experienced Platinumvision - the only true cinematic experience for movie enthusiasts.

This unique 120" light-rejecting (ALR) optical black screen is designed for ultra-short throw (UST) projection offering real life 4K images and OLED quality.

The Platinumvision Screen is manufactured using a high contrast/lens base projection surface and a unique optical black filter that rejects external light, creating images similar to an OLED TV. VISIONAIR-E has designed and developed their own 4K UST Laser Projector to work in perfect synergy with this unique screen technology to provide stunning images with superior brightness, contrast and black levels. Platinumvision is a rigid projection surface that provides unmatched performance in all lighting conditions, making it the ultimate HD / 4K home cinema screen.

If you are looking for the very best "Home Theater / Cinematic Experience" then it has to be Platinumvision  - no other video projection screens or Laser TV solutions will compare.

Front Projection


Our specialist Ultra Short Throw Front Projection Screens give a quality video image where space is at a premium, out performing large format LCD/LED panels that can prove to be far more expensive and still suffer from glare / reflections in high ambient light. No need to shut the curtains or turn down the lights, this high performance screen technology will give you perfect images in any lighting conditions.

UST Projection


This Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Front Projection Screen is designed specifically for the latest ultra short throw (UST) projectors around 0.4 lens and shorter. Projecting a stunning (4K) 120"  diagonal image from approximately one foot away. Available as rigid wall mount screens or electric roll up screens.

Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR)


VISIONAIR-E's ALR screen technology produces stunning images in high ambient light and even daylight. Images are reproduced without the hot spotting of other projection screens that rely on high gain to overcome ambient light. The ALR Screens combined with VISIONAIR-E's 4K UST Projector is the ultimate solution for any home cinema system. VISIONAIR-E's 4K Laser projector will work on screen sizes up to 150" diagonal.



The ultimate UST Cinema Screen (OLED quality)

Works in high ambient light and daylight

Superior images/contrast and perfect black levels

Specialist optical filter blocks 85% of external light

Displays perfect full HD (1080p) and 4K images 

Viewing Angle: 160 degrees 

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High-End Home Theater Screen

TV Studios and Control Rooms

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Corporate Promotions and Advertising 

Exhibitions and Visitor Attractions

Schools, Colleges and Universities

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104.6" x 58.80"

*Custom sizes available upon request

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VISIONAIR-E's has recently launched Eclipsevision, a range of electric roll up ALR screens for the home and office. These tab tensioned retractable screens come in a white metal designer housing, with a smooth and quiet motor operated by a stylish IR remote control. Eclipsevision is your invisible (hide away) home theatre solution offering you viewing on demand.

This flexible (ALR) screen material has louvred micro-optical light rejecting filters stopping any bright light hitting the screen from above, while at the same time allowing the highly reflective projection surface to capture light from a UST projector positioned below the screen, displaying images with stunning contrast, color and resolution even in areas of high ambient lighting.

This ultra-short throw, ambient light-rejecting front projection screen is the perfect solution for private individuals wanting a high-end solution for their home cinema system / Laser TV and in addition to homes it is ideal for yachts, corporate offices, showrooms / training facilities. 


This screen has been designed to work perfectly alongside VISIONAIR-E's  - 4K UST projectors