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At VISIONAIR-E we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality optical acrylic rear projection screens in the industry. When buying our Projection Screens you can be assured of quality and performance at the best possible price, making VISIONAIR-E the ideal choice for all your projection needs. VISION rear projection screens are manufactured using an advanced optical substrate hand cast to enable increased control over the projected image capturing and diffusing the light at all angles. These 1/4" (6mm) optical acrylic screens boast superior brightness and perfect image uniformity without the hot-spots found in traditional projection screens.


VISIONAIR-E offer two types of optical acrylic rear projection screen - 


High contrast grey screen (anti glare facia) suitable for both short throw and standard projection. 


Holo / transparent (see-through) screen for creating the 'WOW'  factor and visual effects.



This neutral grey diffusion screen offers high contrast, brightness and excellent color reproduction

METEORVISION is a very popular rear projection screen offering high contrast images and wide viewing angles even in daylight and high ambient light conditions. This optical rear projection screen offers a cost effective alternative to other competing screen technologies, making it the ideal choice for all high quality video and digital signage applications.


This 1/4" (6mm) optical acrylic screen has a matt finish on both sides with a non reflective anti glare front surface to eliminate reflections from other light sources giving your projected images maximum impact, the only diffusion screen technology providing true 180° visibility. This hand cast screen technology offers superior image quality in relation to other extruded or coated screens.  

METEORVISION screens are suitable for ultra short throw, short throw and standard projectors.


1/4" (6mm) Optical Cast Acrylic Projection Screen

Peak Gain 2.5 - Viewing angle 180°

Display - FHD / 4K / 8K Images

Aspect Ratios: 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3

Anti Glare Surface / Gloss Surface

Standard Screen Sizes (16:9)   65" - 135"

Wholesale Sheets / Custom Shapes and Sizes

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Advertising and Broadcast Screens

Churches and Visitor Attractions

Exhibitions and Conferences

Sports and Leisure Facilities

Hotels, Bars and Clubs

Shopping Centres and Malls

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A transparent diffusion screen technology offering holographic effect projection

QUARTZVISION is the latest addition to our range of rigid rear projection screens, it has been designed to offer a transparent / holographic effect on the projected surface. It’s ideal for applications where some transparency is required and a 'WOW' factor is an absolute must. You can produce a stunning ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ style visual effect, with 2D/3D style holographic images.

This 1/4" (6mm) transparent rear projection screen provides a low cost alternative to other competing holographic / holo screens, with superior performance, definition and no critical angle of projection.    A clear diffusion material, which still allows visibility through the screen displaying bright, sharp and vibrant images even in brightly-lit environments. Ideal for window applications, POS / POP displays, exhibitions and advertising. This unique transparent diffusion screen is ideal for promotions and digital advertising, where you still want the ability to see through the screen. An attention grabbing screen, with no critical angle of projection, at a fraction of the cost of other holographic screen technologies.